#PuBli: Special Summer Wish List!

I made a very special wish list today with some items from stylewe store that I really liked! The Summer is almost starting here  in south america and I would like to get all these nice clothes for a summer more fashionable! If you like these items too, I will publish the links and then you all can to visit the website!

I'll start talking about shorts because are one my favorites and every summer I like to buy new shorts to travel and enjoy my time on the beach. I think shorts are the best to be confortable. Almost all my Outfits I'm wearing it! also I found some really nice and differents on web store, then you can see all them Here!

I have a collection of cropped tops and I love all them! I'm always buying it when I find one really nice. On  stylewe you can to find so many cool options! Just take a look here!

Kimonos are very popular and can to afford your outfit get more beautiful. I still don't have any, but it is in my wish list to buy very soon, for sure! I liked all the tree and you guys? see more here!


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